Alleen de meest ervaren borrelaars komen in aanmerking voor deze commissie. Zij zorgen ervoor dat je het ook eens over wat anders kan hebben dan fietsen! Voor de gezelligheid wordt dit jaar gezorgd door:

The official TH Borrelcie. Written in English this time, for all the internationals out there and

of course our own international in the committee: Checo! The Mexican who always seems
to be happy. Even during ICW Ronostrand he couldn’t be stopped from smiling. He’s a
member of TH since 2017 and has not been unseen (unless he is back home for holidays).
He participates in nearly every activity, cycling as well as drinking. Checo will be taking the
minutes at the monthly/quarterly/yearly meetings about the TH drinks.

Then we have Anjo, the one and only girl in this committee. You may know her from the
weekend at Schiermonnikoog as she’s a first year member of TH. She is already enforcing
her way into a committee: good job! And from a cycling perspective, she has the legs,
coming from the rowing association Gyas. Because of the fact that her parents have their
own store, only one task would fit her best: take care of the promotion of the regular drinks
at the Pintelier and the alTHernatieve drinks of course.

Henk, our chairman. As a bit more experienced member of TH, he will be the chairman of
this committee. In cycling he is best described as a rastoerder, as well a great fan of ‘de
koers’, ask him about ‘revitaillering’ and he can entertain you for hours.

And here we have Daan, such a baby at just 20 years old (maybe he is just normal and I’m
way too old). Some facts about him: he was born in Curacao (sexy place to be born eh? ;))
and then moved to the Netherlands when he was 6 years old. Within cycling, he has been
riding for almost 6 years now and has participated in some nice events such as Alpe
d´Huzes. Not just an active member of TH, but he is also enthusiastic with watersports. Daan
will be taking care of the money and finances.

De contactpersoon van de borrelcommissie is de interncommissaris:​

Borrelcommissie 2018-2019

Daan Aikema (2018) -
Henk Binnekamp (2017) -
Wian Bruinsma (2019) -
Sergio Garmendia (2017) -
Anjo de Jong (2018) -

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