To become a member you need to take the following steps:

  1. Scroll down and fill out the form on the page 'Aanmelden!' and follow all steps. Your data will be sent to Tandje Hoger, after which you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

    • For an elaboration on the collection of data, read our privacy statement.

    • Required fields have to be filled in to be registered as a member.

    • Address details and bank account details are used to fulfill the registration and contact the member.

    • Members do not have to fill in the non-required fields for the purpose of registration. The fields serve other purposes, like improving communication between board and member or members amongst each other.

    • Language is an optional field, Dutch and English are the possible entries. It allows the board to contact international students separately, when appropriate.

    • By filling out the non-required fields, the (new) member will permit the saving and usage of data for the purposes described in the privacy statement.

    • A member has the ability to hide individual data in the member area of the website. The board can access the data, even when it is hidden.

    • TH-Mail: Every month, a newsletter is sent to members and donors. To send the mail, Tandje Hoger uses the services of MailChimp. To send these emails, we share the names and e-mail of the member and donor with this service. For the purpose of analyses, MailChimp adds a tracking pixel to the e-mail. Complete information can be found in the cookie statement by Mailchimp. Tandje Hoger only uses this data to improve the TH-mail experience.

  2. You are now a candidate member at Tandje Hoger. The next step is to download the SEPA form. A translation of this form will be included in the initial mail after signing up. Be aware this is NOT an official form. You are required to sign the Dutch SEPA form. You should print this form and sign it. By signing this form, you authorize Tandje Hoger to withdraw the yearly contribution.

  3. Send the form within 2 weeks to Tandje Hoger to finish your registration. If you fail to do this, your registration will be canceled. You can choose to send the form to the address, which is written on the form or mail the form to the secretary. If you choose to send the form through email, make a proper scan or use an app like 'adobe scan' and make sure it is fully readable. If the readability is not sufficient, the secretary can ask you to send it again.

  4. Go to the ACLO-website and activate your college card.

  5. You are welcome at the next training. It is not necessary to wait for the confirmation e-mail.

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