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About G.S.W.V. Tandje Hoger

The Student Cycling Association, Tandje Hoger, was established on January 17th, 1977. With over two hundred active members, numerous donors, and several honorary members, it stands as one of the largest student cycling associations in the Netherlands.

Whether you're a passionate racer or prefer leisurely tours, Tandje Hoger caters to both cycling styles. Many of our members participate in races nationwide, benefiting from rigorous training to enhance their cycling skills. For those inclined towards leisurely rides, we offer lower-intensity training sessions and organized group rides.

As a student-centric organization, we foster a relaxed atmosphere around our activities. Alongside cycling, we host social events such as bi-weekly gatherings and monthly non-cycling-related activities. The highlight among our offerings is undoubtedly the 'Spanjereis', our annual trip to Spain!

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