• Are there any obligations associated with a membership at G.S.W.V. Tandje Hoger?

Yes, there are two. Paying the yearly contribution (€36) and possessing an ACLO card. Further details can be found under the ACLO section. There are no additional obligations such as mandatory attendance at training sessions.


  • What is an ACLO card?

As a Tandje Hoger member, you need to activate your student card. The cost is €59.95 per academic year. Once activated, you can access ACLO sports facilities and join various student sports associations.

  • Can non-students purchase an ACLO sports license?

Under certain conditions, non-students can purchase an ACLO sports license. More information is available on the ACLO website or by contacting the secretary.

  • I want to become a member, but it's currently February/March/April/May/June/July/August. Should I still purchase an ACLO card?

Yes, you need an ACLO card to become a Tandje Hoger member. You can buy a half-year card to join the association.

  • I quit/finished my study, but I want to purchase an ACLO card. Is that possible?

If you've left the RUG or Hanze, you can purchase an ACLO sports license at a higher price for another year.

  • I can't purchase an ACLO card anymore, but I want to become a member. Is that possible?

It's possible through a dispensation system. Tandje Hoger has a limited number of dispensation cards available for exceptional cases. Contact the board secretary for more information.


  • Is wearing a helmet mandatory?


  • What are the training times, and where do they start?

Training times depend on the season and are listed on the main page calendar. During summer, training starts at the Stadspark parking lot, next to the skating park (

  • Should I be concerned about handling the intensity?

No, training sessions cater to different experience levels. Groups are divided based on skill during intense efforts, and the tempo is adjusted for endurance training. Wednesday sessions are particularly suitable for beginners with a lower tempo. Tuesday sessions focus on improving cycling skills and fitness.


  • Are there additional requirements for competitive cyclists?

No, but participation in Tuesday training sessions and Thursday rides at Corpus is strongly encouraged. However, it is not mandatory. Team-time trials have specific requirements regarding training participation and skill level. There is usually no selection process, but team sign-ups are organized through Whatsapp.

Website and Whatsapp group

  • How do I obtain a username and password for the website?

You need to be a Tandje Hoger member to log in. Contact the board secretary ( for assistance.

  • How can I join the information Whatsapp group?

You'll receive an email with a link to join the Whatsapp group.

  • What should I do if I forgot my password?

Reset your password using the 'wachtwoord vergeten' (forgot password) function.


  • Are there obligations associated with donorship at GSWV Tandje Hoger?

Donors only need to pay the yearly contribution fee (€36). It's a way for ex-members to stay connected with the club.

  • What are the limitations for donors compared to full members?

Donors cannot participate in winter spinning training or Tuesday/Wednesday summer training. These sessions are subsidized by the ACLO. For inquiries, email the secretary.

Cyclocross and MTB

  • Are there cyclocross events at Tandje Hoger?

Yes! After the road season, members train and participate in cyclocross races. Contact for details and monitor the Whatsapp notifications group and Instagram page.

  • Are there MTB riders at Tandje Hoger?

Yes, but they are few. They can train with the cyclocross group, but there are no specific MTB training sessions. TH members can join ATB-Noord for a small fee.

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