Every week, the association offers training sessions. The training schedule varies depending on the season: during daylight saving time, outdoor training sessions are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These sessions are divided into different skill level groups to ensure accessibility for all members.

During the winter months, two weekly spinning sessions are held at the ACLO Sports Center. These take place on Monday and Tuesday. Members can sign up for one of these sessions. Additionally, there is a weekly circuit training session specifically for TH members during the winter, also held in an ACLO sports hall.


Within Tandje Hoger, there are several members who participate in races. Many of them can be found weekly at various (training) races. For example, the training races at the Corpus den Hoorn cycling track in Groningen on Thursday evenings are very popular within Tandje Hoger. Together with the race team (women's, men's, and off-road), three target races are determined each season, with as many riders participating as possible.

Anyone wishing to participate in races must become a member of the KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Union). As a member of the KNWU, you can purchase a license that allows you to participate in specific races. There are various types of licenses available. Our Race Commissioner ( is the point of contact for all matters related to the KNWU. Therefore, please reach out to him if you wish to become a member or if you have any questions.

Bike discount – NTFU

Membership with the NTFU (Dutch Cycling Union) offers several benefits. Not only do you receive discounts on participation in most cycling tours organized throughout the country, but you also receive bicycle insurance. As an NTFU member, you can log in to the NTFU website and create a Fietssport account to explore exciting tours and articles. More information directly from the NTFU can be found here Joining through Tandje Hoger is cheaper than as an individual and is therefore highly recommended!

All you need to do is inform our secretary that you would like to become a member. They will then add you to the NTFU membership list on behalf of TH. You will receive an account allowing you to log in to the NTFU website and Fietssport. As an NTFU member, your bicycle is insured regardless. The insurance covers club rides, training sessions, cycling tours, and personal rides - but not during KNWU races. You are eligible for compensation for damages up to €1,000. There is also additional coverage available if you own an expensive bicycle, which you can arrange yourself using your membership number, etc.

Send an email to the secretary ( if you wish to become a member or if you have further questions.

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